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1. How do I know which Fix-A-Zipper I need? 
Follow the steps below closely.

Measure Method 1

Step 1
Decide what material your zipper is made of, metal, plastic. coil or blind zipper?





Step 2
Use the table with the pictures to choose the right Fix-A-Zipper type. Measure according to the images below.




Measuring method 2
Step 1:
First decide what material your zipper, which you want to repair, is made of.
Is it a metal, plastic. coil or blind zipper?

Step 2:
Measure the width and height of your broken zipper with a digital caliper. The images below show exactly how to measure the width and height of the zipper.

Measuring the width of the zipper


Measuring the height of the zipper (measure the height of the teeth)


Once you have these numbers check the table below. First see of which material your zipper is made of and then look in the column width and height. Behind these columns you’ll find the Fix-A-Zipper type and number you need.

Measure Table

Type of zipper Width mm Height mm Width inch Height inch Type
Metal 4,55-4,90 1,90-2,00 0,179-0,193 0,075-0,079 Size 3
Metal 5,70-6,10 2,40-2,70 0,224-0,240 0,094-0,106 Size 5
Metal 7,35-7,60 2,90-3,20 0,289-0,299 0,114-0,126 Size 8
Metal 8,60-8,90 3,75-4,00 0,339-0,350 0,148-0,157 Size 10
Coil 4,12-4,24 1,85-2,00 0,162-0,167 0,073-0,079 Size 3
Coil 4,90-5,10 2,10-2,30 0,193-0,201 0,083-0,091 Size 4
Coil 6,33-6,57 2,60-2,75 0,249-0,259 0,102-0,108 Size 5
Coil 7,10-7,30 2,80-2,90 0,280-0,287 0,110-0,114 Size 8
Coil 10,20-10,50 3,90-4,20 0,402-0,413 0,154-0,165 Size 10
Plastic 5,80-6,20 2,80-3,00 0,228-0,244 0,110-0,118 Size 5
Plastic 5,80-7,90 2,90-3,90 0,288-0,312 0,114-0,154 Size 8
Plastic 8,60-8,90 3,75-4,00 0,339-0,350 0,148-0,157 Size 10
Invisible 4,90-5,10 2,10-2,30 0,193-0,201 0,083-0,091 Size 4
Invisible 6,33-6,50 2,60-2,70 0,249-0,259 0,102-0,108 Size 5

2. The zipper splits itself, can I use Fix-A-Zipper?
Yes! The original zipper splits itself because probably the old slider is worn out and can easily be replaced by Fix-A-Zipper.

3. How do I remove the old slider?
Remove the old slider by using a pair of side cutting pliers. Cut through the centre bar of the old zip slider and remove from the zip. See pictures below.


4. How do I open the Fix-A-Zipper?
To open the Fix-A-Zipper; push the lower part/jaw down with your thumb and push the puller backward at the same time.


5. How do I place the FIX-A-Zipper on the zipper?
Place the open Fix-A-Zipper at the beginning of the zipper (make sure the zipper is between the Fix-A-Zipper ) and press the two jaws of the Fix-A-Zipper firmly together. Ready to use.


6. Where or at what height of the zipper do I place the Fix-A-Zipper?
Basically it does not really matter. The easiest way is to click the Fix-A-Zipper at the beginning of the zipper however it is also possible to place it halfway the zipper, close it and pull the Fix-A-Zipper down to the bottom and then back up again. Your zipper is ready for use.

7. Fix-A-Zipper does not fit my broken zipper, did I do something wrong?
It can be that you did not open Fix-A-Zipper sufficiently. Try to open little more. Or try another size in the same zipper Group (metal/coil/plastic/blind)

8. Does Fix-A-Zipper fit all zipper material?
Yes, the Fix-A-Zipper fits every material. Metal/Coil/ and Plastic zippers

9. Does Fix-A-Zipper fits each zipper brand?
The Fix-A-Zipper fits mostly every brand. Fix-A-Zipper is based on the famous YKK zippers. 90% of all zipper brands can be repaired by Fix-A-Zipper.

10. Could a Fix-A-Zipper be used if the zipper is broken?
Fix-A-Zipper can only be used if the puller of the zipper is broken.

11. The Fix-A-Zipper I have put jumps off, how can this be?
There are several possible causes,
1.It could be that there is accidentally chosen a wrong size Fix-A-Zipper or a Fix-A-Zipper for a different zipper material. Please measure once again according the 2 measure methods as described above. Or…..
2.The zipper itself is somewhat damaged. This can sometimes occur with spiral / coil zippers which is not always easy to see Or…
3.The correct Fix-A-Zipper is not properly closed what brings backlash. Please have a careful look if the Fix-A-Zipper is closed and if you really hear a ‘ click sound’ Or…

12 On which zippers can I use the Fix-A-Zipper / could the Fix-A-Zipper be used for different applications?
Yes, the Fix-A-Zipper can be used on all kind of zippers. Pants zippers, tent zippers, suitcase sippers, boot zippers, bag zippers, boat cover zippers, divisible zippers, unsharable zippers etc. etc.

If I still have problems with the use of Fix-A-Zipper , where can I go? Please go to contact.